Woodland leaf Kanshitsu, Silver Maki-e Moriki


“ Woodland leaf “

This work is made entirely of linen in an ancient technique called kanshitsu,  ( a technique used to make Buddhist statues.) A model is made in clay and a plaster cast is taken from the model. Linen fabric is applied in layers until the body is thick enough to be removed from the cast. Because of the unusual shape with its many curves, the reinforcement of this piece was done using a new kind of carbon fibre material. The undercoats were done with baked diatomaceous earth and it was finished with high quality bengara urushi. The back side has an additional washi texture finish in silver maki-e like the white under side of the leaf that the design was inspired by.

This work was selected for The Ishikawa Traditional Craft Exhibition.

H:4cm  W:24cm  L:29cm

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