Out of a desire to share the beauty of urushi and maki-e ( a traditional lacquerware decorating technique ) with the western world, I’ve produced a series of unique jewellery pieces. Using fine gems such as Akoya pearls, Lithuanian amber, Australian boulder opals and vivid blue lapis lazuli in combination with gold, quails’ egg shell and sea shell inlays I’ve created a stunning, one-of-a –kind pieces of artwork. Each one is meticulously hand crafted, taking many months to produce. This combination of Western and Eastern cultures has made for a truly elegant style of jewellery.




  • Dragonfly


  • Dots


  • Flight


  • Ajisai


  • R:Shimmer


  • Landscape



  • Golden Heart


  • Cehrysanthmums


  • Silver Heart


  • Washi Sculture


  • Celtic Cross


*All listed prices include tax.
*Some of the listed items are sold on the website, but they may not be sold out or in stock.
*The specifications of the listed products are subject to change without notice.
*Each item is carefully made by a craftsman, so each item has only one finish in the world.