As Japan has modernised over the last 70 years, it has become westernised in all areas of life from fashion and music to food and housing. With the invention of modern paints and epoxy, urushi has been pushed out of its place in interiors and daily life. The younger generation no longer has exposure to this beautiful legacy and so cannot experience first-hand its beauty or durability. To encourage people to take a fresh look at urushi, I have designed an affordable range of accessories that can be worn in the office or to a party or can be given as a welcomed gift. I have strived to fit in with a wide range of tastes, mixing urushi handmade beads with semi-precious stones such as pearls and amethyst and with interesting metal parts to give urushi a whole new look. Please enjoy browsing through these new items.



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As all the works are meticulously crafted by artisans, each one is refined into a unique piece of art.